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Parent Leadership Council (PLC)

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Multilingual PLC (Parent Leadership Council) is a group of parents of Language Enriched Students at Bay Meadows and in each school district. The purpose of PLC is to encourage parental involvement and participation in the implementation of English Language Learners (ELL) programming and academic achievement initiatives. PLC is composed of individuals that represent 51% of the minority languages and cultural needs of the school. Multilingual PLC is for any parent who is interested in helping children prepare for a better education and better future.

The Multilingual PLC encourages open communication between parents of ELL students and the school.

Multilingual Parent Leadership Council

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School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council (SAC) consists of teachers, educational support staff, parents and community members working together to ensure that exemplary educational opportunities continue for all Bay Meadows students.

Some of the responsibilities of SAC include: helping to prepare and implement the annual state-required School Improvement Plan which consists of the distribution of the State's A+ funding, distributing and evaluating the annual School Effectiveness Survey and managing the annual SAC school improvement budget. Members must commit to attending the monthly SAC meetings, but parents and community members are always welcome.

Being a member of SAC gives you the opportunity to:

- Meet monthly with the principal

- Learn about legislative and budget issues and their impact

- Make decisions on educational, financial and social programs at school>

- Discuss areas of concern to you, your student and the community