Internet Access

Internet access has been established for educational purposes and shall be consistent with the OCPS curriculum and the Sunshine State Standards. Students are expected to follow the rules set forth in the Code of Student Conduct and the law in the use of the Internet. Students must turn in a signed permission copy to have access to the Internet. Students who do not comply with the rules will lose their internet access privileges for the remainder of the school year.



A well balanced plate lunch including milk is offered daily beginning the first day of school. If a child brings his/her lunch, he/she may purchase milk. Students are encouraged to make advance payment for lunch. We strongly encourage you to where meals can be prepaid and accounts can be managed online. If paying at school, please send check or money for your child in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside with the following information: 

Child’s First and Last Name, Teacher, Grade, Date,
and Amount Enclosed. (Breakfast $1.25, Lunch $1.80)


If you enclose cash, please send the correct amount, as making change is a problem. Students are allowed one emergency charge which must be paid back immediately. After the second charge students will be given an alternate lunch. Applications forms for free and reduced lunches can be obtained through the school office. Credit will be given for days missed when paid by the week. Students will not be able to charge for lunch the last three weeks of school.