Students arriving at school later than the announced starting time will report to the office to obtain a tardy slip before reporting to class.

Students who are tardy miss the daily directions, morning announcements, and cause classroom interruptions. 

The Orange County School Board has approved changes regarding Attendance Policy for our school. These changes concern tardies. A student will be marked tardy if they are not sitting at their desk and ready to start school when the second bell rings at 9:00 a.m.

* A tardy will no longer be marked as excused or unexcused. It will simply be a tardy and will appear in the student record as such. Please be advised of this change and keep it in mind when you are making plans for appointments, etc. for your student early in the morning. 

* A parent letter will go home after three tardies in a grading period. 

* After five tardies in a grading period there will be a child study meeting at school with the student’s parents and the school guidance counselor. 

For truancy purposes, five tardies will equal one unexcused absence.