Parent Homework for Back to School

Parent Homework - Things To Do


  1. Complete and return Emergency Health Form
  2. Complete and return Diet Order Form
  3. Complete Parent Consent Forms on Skyward (see instructions in folder; go to Online Forms)
  1. Student Technology Acceptable & Responsible Use Agreement
  2. Health Services Consent Form
  3. Model Release Form
  4. Public Notice of Parent Rights
  5. Library Access Form
  1. K-2 students: Wear nametags with colored dot on first 3 days of school
  2. Walker/Bike Rider Students Only: Complete and return Walk
    Home Permission Form
  3. Magnet Students Only: Complete and return Magnet

Letter of Agreement

7. Adults who can pick up your child have a Pick Up Pass and their name is on the pick up list in Skyward


  1. Complete and return Authorization for Medication form, if needed
  2. Complete and return Housing Residency form, if needed
  3. Download Talking Points app