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The school is responsible for first aid only. Parents will be notified when a student is injured on campus or when it appears a student is so ill that he/she should be sent home.

NOTE: It is imperative that the school maintains an accurate home, work, and emergency phone number for each student.


OCPS Med PolicyProcedure (002).pdf
Medication authorization and Receipt (002).pdf

OCPS policy concerning administration of medication by school personnel states:

  1. For each prescribed medication, the student’s parent or guardian shall provide to the principal a written statement which shall grant the principal or designee the permission to assist in the administration of each prescribed medication and which shall explain the necessity for the prescribed medication. 
  2. When there is a change in medication or dosage from that on the original container, the principal or designee shall require new directions from the doctor in addition to the parent authorization.

Please read: Students are not permitted to carry or dispense any kind of prescription or non­prescription drugs on campus or at a school related function. If medication is to be given at school, it is the parent’s responsibility to stop by the clinic or office to complete the necessary form when bringing in the medication. A written note must be given by the parent/guardian stating they give permission for the student to take the drug, the dosage and the time(s) it is to be taken.

Medication cannot be sent to school with children. All prescribed medication to be administered by school personnel shall be received and stored in the ORIGINAL container, with the original label from the pharmacy showing the student’s name, name of medicine and directions for administration.

Release of personal liability: There shall be no liability for civil damages as the result of the administration of such medication where the person administering such medication acts as an ordinary, reasonably, prudent person would have acted under the same/similar circumstances.